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application process

Step 1

Apply to your Program of Choice

  • Start by downloading and completing the

     Program Admissions Application Packet 

    and paying the $50 application fee.  Returning students do not pay the application fee.  Get additional details if you’re a veteran by contacting our Student Services Department.  Make sure to select the appropriate program from our Academic Programs.  Your admission to Camsen Career Institute remains incomplete until all required paperwork and documents on the application packet are submitted.

  • Additional Items Required:
    • Copy of Driver’s License
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Copy of High School Diploma or Transcript, or equivelant.  Copy of College Transcripts may be submitted in lieu of High School Diploma
    • Copy of Current American Heart Association or Equivelant BLS Course fo

Step 2

Complete Criminal Background Check and Drug

Contact our Student Services Department to receive your packet for Background Check and Drug Screen.

  • If a positve result on a Drug Screen, you may bring prescription in
  • Retests are allowed to show a Negative Result
  • All students are subject to inhouse Random Drug Testing at anytime throughout our programs, if there is any suspicion of drug/alcohol use.  Positive results may result in dismissal from the program.

Step 3

Complete Physical Exam and Vaccination History

Complete your physical exam on Admissions Packet.  Attach your vaccinaiton history including:

  • Measles, Mumps and Ruebella
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Infuenza Vaccine
  • Varicella
  • Current TB Test (within past 3 months)

Step 4

Once accepted into the Progam:

  • Sign Enrollement Agreement
  • For Veterans, complete required VA Paperwork
  • Fill out any tuition reimbursment paperwork from your employer, if applicable
  • Complete and sign additional required paperwork
    • Each program has specific paperwork and/or forms that are required to be signed           

Classes For All Levels


Paramedic Courses

All courses require a $150.00 (Non-Refundable) application fee to reserve a spot in a class. The application fee is transferrable but non-refundable.

EMT Courses

All courses require a $150.00 (Non-Refundable) application fee to reserve a spot in a class. The application fee is transferrable but non-refundable.



CAMSEN CAREER INSTITUTE is currently holding classes on campus following our normal schedules.  Classrooms are set up to accommodate the social distance standards and guidelines.

HANDS – ON Training will continue on a limited group sizes to abide by guidelines set forth by the CDC and State of FL. This is an essential skill to becoming a Health Care Provider and will continue in a safe clean sanitized area.

NATIONALLY ACCREDITED INSTITUTION by Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES)






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Phone: (904) 296-1700